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How to recover and repair corrupt files

If you're unable to open a file or get error messages like "unable to open file", "file not recognised", "file cannot be accessed" etc, you may have a corrupt file.
A corrupted file can occur for a number of reasons - application errors, system crashes, disk faults, virus infection etc.

Don't give up on using your corrupted file - all is not lost! You can repair corrupt files.

Depending on the type and extent of the file corruption, you can often repair corrupt file content, enabling you to recover corrupt files safely for continued use.
Select the type of corrupt file you need to repair for more information and advice.

Repair Corrupt Access Files

Repair Corrupted Access Files - AccessFIX product detailsWe recommend AccessFIX to repair corrupt Microsoft Access files. AccessFIX is a comprehensive repair, recovery and undelete product for corrupt Access files.

AccessFIX recovers tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, relations, primary & secondary indexes, etc, and all field types including Memo, OLE and high precision numbers.

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Repair Corrupt Zip Files

Repair Corrupted Zip Files - Zip Repair Pro product detailsA corrupt Zip file can prevent you from accessing data in the files it contains.

To repair corrupt Zip files we recommend Zip Repair Pro.

Repair corrupt Zip files now with Zip Repair Pro. Simple and easy to use, you can regain access to your files in the Zip file quickly and easily.

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Repair Excel files

Repair Zip files

Repair BKF Backup files

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Repair Outlook PST & DBX files

Recover deleted files

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Repair Corrupt Excel Files

Repair Corrupted Excel Files - ExcelFIX product detailsTo repair corrupt Microsoft Excel files we recommend ExcelFIX as one of the best programs for the repair and recovery of Excel data.

Recover charts, images, merged cells, groups and outlines, subtotals, all formula elements including names, external references and multi-sheet ranges.

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Repair Corrupt BKF Backup Files

Repair Corrupted Backup Files - Repair My Backup product detailsRepair My Backup provides a fast, easy to use solution for the repair of corrupt BKF backup files.

It allows you preview the file contents of the corrupt BKF file and recover single or multiple files from within it as required along with folder structures. Will also recover large files of 100GB and over.

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